Scheduling a Massage

Schedule a Massage with Me!:

MDO Massage Therapy
Establishment #E3601
11822 Justice Ave Suite A-1
Baton Rouge, LA, 70816
tel: (225)380-3737

Feel free to call any day during the daytime and we can discuss possibly scheduling a massage. If I miss your call I will call you back if you leave a message. I’m a one woman business so I won’t answer if I’m in session or otherwise preoccupied.

Relaxation Massage

A soothing treatment using smooth gentle pressure of the hands to help you relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage therapy technique which focuses on realigning your muscles and connective tissues. Helps relieve common issues such as soreness, back pain, neck stiffness, leg soreness and shoulder pain.

Reflexology Massage

A specific type of massage we offer which focuses on the feet. Very relaxing and a big help with arthritis, stress, tension, Insomnia and many other issues.

Pregnancy Massage

A great way to reduce stress and relieve the pain and discomfort all women experience during pregnancy. A life saver when it comes to improving circulation, reducing swelling and dealing with backaches, stiff neck, headaches and cramps.
MDO Massage Therapy - Baton Rouge, Louisiana