Massage Services FAQ

This page covers what to expect so that you can have the best possible massage experience from booking to going home. I want to remove as much worry as possible so you are completely relaxed!

Call me with Any Questions
Please remember that my services are by appointment only. So even if you just have questions about possibly getting a massage you should call rather than stopping in. If you are a repeat client and have any new health issues, injuries or changes you can call me to ensure we can plan to address them.

Scheduling Your Massage
Even if you like to use online booking you should definitely call me before you come in for your first massage. Giving me some details about your specific needs and goals allows me to be completely prepared before you come in. Often I can tailor a massage specific to your needs and make sure everything is in order for the best possible therapeutic experience.

Arrive a Few Minutes Early
Getting here just a few minutes early allows me to get all your information, consult with you and ensure you get the full duration of your service and maximum value.

Speak Up With Any Questions or Concerns
Please let me know if there’s anything about your experience that needs to change. If you don’t like the music, if you’re hot/cold, talking, not talking or any allergies you might have in relation to the sheets, lotion or face rests. I can manage most any personal preferences and adjust to make sure you’re a happy customer.